A BIG welcome to our new intern, Rushina Mehta

February 26, 2013 | | Categories: All Posts

As an undergraduate psychology student at UCLA, I am required to participate in a fieldwork course. I wasn’t too thrilled about completing this requirement, because of the notion that I would be cooped up in a clinician’s office for eight hours a week. While searching for places to intern, I stumbled upon Hollywood HEART. The hip name instantly captivated my attention.

I instantly gravitated towards Hollywood HEART when I learned that it is a nonprofit organization. After learning that it aims to build the confidences of youth affected by HIV/AIDS and other at-risk children, I knew that I wanted to intern here. I learned of the annual summer camp and the various educational arts workshops that take place throughout the year. Having helped organize similar arts workshops for the youth of the city of Diamond Bar, I knew that I would be able to positively contribute to this organization. I have always enjoyed giving back to the community, and I knew that me interning here would be a much more valuable experience to me in the long run than just passing a class.

Although I have been here only a few weeks, I am completely astonished by how hardworking and organized the staff here at Hollywood HEART is. Although at first, I did think that it would all fun and games in organizing a summer camp and the educational arts workshops, I am quickly learning of all the hard work and commitment it takes to make each event successful. There is so much thought and detail goes into a single event. Being here a few weeks, I now know how much work the staff has on their plates, and I look forward to helping them out for the remaining of the quarter.