Fashion Team @ Camp Hollywood HEART 2012

October 12, 2012 | | Categories: All Posts

This was the 3rd year for fashion and it was the best year yet! The camp participants arrived more prepared and excited about fashion than ever before. We jumped right into a ‘Fashion vs Styling’ activity to show the difference between the fashion industry and the costume design/styling industry. Then straight on to making mood boards which help to bring focus to design themes and provide inspiration throughout the week.

Once their mood boards were complete, it was time for the ladies to get started on their designs and learning how to sew. The girls do everything in our class, they design their outfits, they sew their outfits, they choreograph and style their fashion show and they model their final looks in a fashion show we put on for the whole camp. They really do it all! This way they get a taste of all the various facets and possibilities in the fashion industry and we’re there to answer questions about each facet along the way.

This year all the girls made 2 outfits (a few made 3 or 4) and they decided as a group that they would all wear a casual look first and then a formal look to end the show. They all wanted to make a formal look so they could also wear it to prom or homecoming once they were home, a very ambitious task but they were dedicated and all the dresses turned out beautifully. Once all their designs were complete it was time to style their looks (pick shoes and add accessories) for the fashion show, pick the music and practice walking in heels. In the end, the fashion show is all them, every stitch, and they did an incredible job!