Writing Team Leader for Camp Hollywood HEART says thanks

August 28, 2012 | | Categories: All Posts

Devon Dickau shares a bit about his experiences and shows his gratitude. 

Hi friends, old and new,

I knew last year, driving down the mountain after one of the most emotionally profound and beautifully transformational weeks of my life, that I would need to come back to Camp Hollywood Heart in 2012. Well, life happens. And while I wasn’t able to make it up to camp for the full week this year, my few days with all of you were somehow still even more beautiful than the year before.

The time we spend together with those amazing young people not only empowers them to express themselves in ways they often can’t in their non-camp lives; it empowers us to be ourselves as well. Our campers are undeniably incredible artists, incredible humans. But they would not have the platform to be so purely themselves without all of you.

Thank you for treating me like family, so late in the game. Thank you for bringing your talents, your resourcefulness, your kindness and your generosity to those kids. But thank you most of all for helping to create something that exists so rarely, in today’s world: a space of true, authentic, unquestioned acceptance.

Peace and love, camp family,

Devon Dickau, Ed.M.
Writing Team Leader