Acting Workshop Orientation On April 27

April 30, 2013 | | Categories: All Posts, Events

The Acting Workshop went really well and was incredibly helpful. We are all so glad that we had this orientation session. All 16 youth left very excited and enthusiastic about next weekend. Joe Russell our acting leader, as always, made the group feel welcome and at ease from the moment they walked in the door. We began the session learning each others’ names and playing a couple fun acting games. We also had HH’s founder/Chairman, David Gale, talk to the group about his career as a filmmaker and he really encouraged everyone along this journey in film-making/acting.

Next, we watched a couple of the short films made at Camp Hollywood HEART 2012 to inspire the students. Joe then talked to everyone individually about their ideas for scripts. One young lady wanted to film a water balloon fight, while one young man was interested in zombies and another in scary movies. Everyone was full of creative ideas! While each person discussed their ideas with Joe, we had everyone fill out their sandwich orders and write down any ideas they had for costumes, make up, and props so that we would have more information on what to prepare this week.

We also had 3 students who were at Camp Hollywood HEART last August! Thus, its great to know these youth are still interested in continuing their arts education. The other students had various levels of interest in acting/film-making. There were a couple of youth that stood out though as being truly dedicated to exploring careers in this field. One young man, Samir, is very interested in acting and stunt fighting, for example, so we are going to round up our stunt coordinator friends to join us this weekend.