Artist Spotlight: Jazz Grant

April 19, 2017 | | Categories: All Posts

3 Questions about Artist, Jazz Grant


1. How would you describe how Curiosity has shaped your journey as an artist?
Oh my gosh, curiosity is the gateway to discovery! I would have to say I am VERY curious about “the process”. I seek to understand, fully.  I LOVE knowing how things work and how people operate. At the end of the day, art is an expression and I personally want to move, touch and inspire people to feel. Being curious allows creativity and inspiration to flow. My curiosity has kept my passion, drive, and commitments alive, as well as, provided the space for myself and the people I work with to be playful, free and creative.

2. What does Grit mean to you as an artist and as a person?
Oh good one. To me, grit is being unafraid and untouched by outside influences and people in the pursuit of what you are determined to accomplish. Grit is something special that one possesses; a balance of discipline, perseverance, and a little toughness.
3. How do you practice Optimism/Zest (Celebration) as a person or artist?
Love this question. I have many practices. First, I am careful with my language, what I say and do not say and how I say it. I work very hard at being conscious with my words, especially with what I say to myself. How we talk about things, describe things and even the quick mindless internal dialog, shapes our reality and experience of life and ourselves. So I practice using words that are fitting, limit negative talk and insert inspiring juiciness! Second, I put guiltless energy and effort into myself. That could look a variety of ways, like getting my nails done, cleaning my house, taking the time to do my hair or makeup, going to the beach for some vitamin D. Whatever your own “YOU time” looks like. Third, I surround myself with people who I consider to be good people. People who are a “yes” to life type, who are authentic, understanding and up to something. I practice celebration by spending time with the people I love because that’s what matters most to me. I also like dancing about it!
For more information on Jazz, check out her website at and her Instagram, @jazzgrant!