February 12th: Urban Outfitters Event w/ Artist C. Michael Frey

February 15, 2017 | | Categories: All Posts

On Sunday, February 12th, 2017 the Hollywood HEART team was invited to be the benefiting organization of the gallery closing of C. Michael Frey. There was live music, vegan donuts, and a whole lot of HEART. This event helped us raise a few bucks and more importantly, let us connect with the creative community of Los Angeles.

The team got there early to set up and make sure we could grab a few photo ops before things got busy. Sundays are the mornings for the Hollywood Farmer’s Market there was lots of foot traffic! To make our table extra special we brought some of the paintings from our last Arts & Resiliency Celebration and tried to look hip by using fabrics left over from our fashion workshops.  The cherry (or I suppose berry…) on top was some fancy cucumber/strawberry/mint/raspberry infused water at our table. Thanks, LA STAGE Alliance for the cute dispenser, table, and cloth!


Then it was all business. We got to spend the next few hours chatting with guests and growing our email list all while some fantastic musicians played and art was viewed by come-rs and go-ers. We were joined by Board Members, ELC members, and new friends and decided perhaps we have found the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

More events like this soon! We hope to continue meeting, knowing, and celebrating with local artists. Keep in touch by signing up on our mailing list and we can cheer our cups of berry-infused water at the next event!

High Fives,

Hollywood HEART ♥

p.s. Want to learn more about the art and artist? Check out our 3 question interview with him below!


3 Questions with Artist C. Michael Frey

1. How does your art depict your experience and perception of the world around you?
My art is a direct reflection of my environment. My cloud photos are a tribute to the open sky in Los Angeles. I’m trying to capture the sublime and translate this feeling of awe I experience into a still image. Nature is my refuge. Whenever I need a break from the stresses of every day like, I can go on a hike or take a walk and experience something greater than myself by communing with nature and taking photographs. Making art is what gives me a continued sense of hope and optimism.
2. What does “curiosity” mean to you and what impact has this concept/practice had on your creative journey?
For me, curiosity means being open-minded, open to new experiences, and willing to learn. Curiosity is vital to my creative process. Without a desire to try new techniques, experience other cultures and people, and develop new skills, I would never grow as an artist or as a person.
3. In what ways has art impacted the quality, quantity, and types of relationships in your life?
Sharing your art with the world can make you feel very vulnerable, but in my experience, it has opened doors to new opportunities and allowed me to meet people that I would never have met otherwise. I’m drawn to people who have a strong curiosity for the world, people who are willing to share their ideas and experiences in life. Being exposed to art and making art forces you to change your perspective and see things in new ways. As a result, it makes you more empathetic and compassionate. In addition to my recent cloud photo series, I love painting people’s portraits. There’s a certain intimacy that occurs when I have someone sit for their portrait that I haven’t experienced through any other. I think art has made me strive for deeper, more meaningful relationships, even if they are fewer in number.