Camp Hollywood HEART Heroes 2016

September 26, 2016 | | Categories: All Posts

The camp is over for another year and it is hard to know where to begin to thank everyone for what they gave to make this year’s Camp Hollywood HEART everything it was!

If you attended, visited, volunteered during the week or just played witness to our SPECTACULAR Gala Night, THANK YOU. It truly takes a village, and what was achieved felt like an entire city came together!

An integral part of camp every year is always our sponsors, so massive thanks and a huge Hollywood HEART hug to one of our epic sponsors, SingerSinger is world renowned for their sewing machines and they generously gave us 10 brand new sewing machines which were integral in our fashion program. These machines will certainly not be collecting dust until camp next year, as they also get great use at our Educational Arts Workshops throughout the year.

Whether it was Visual Arts, Fashion, Acting, Culinary Arts, Documentary Filmmaking, Music or Creative Writing; Our campers approached every discipline with vigor and excitement. Our final night Gala showed off the culmination of the campers talents as we heard performances by budding singer/songwriters, listened to heartfelt poetry, played audience to a fashion show, a cooking competition, and a horror movie!

We were able to watch the fruit of the filmmaking campers’ labor on the final night due to another one of our glorious sponsors. Our Chicago friend for life Briana Yule, without hesitation, donated to us a brand new projector screen. Briana felt a great connection with Hollywood HEART and with her generous support, she added to our spectacular end of week gala. We HEART you, Briana! We also want to give a special mention to some other of our brilliant friends! Members of “We Are The Mighty” who gave their time to come up to camp to offer their help, as well as Neil and Suzi from ISHP all, came together to share the experience with us and for that, we are so grateful!

As both new and seasoned campers experienced the week; they were asked to sum up camp in one sentence;

“Camp is where I can meet new friends and connect”

“Camp is a place where I can find peace.”

“Camp is a place where I belong.”

“Camp is family”.

When we asked our SUPER STAFF to give us one word summaries, we heard;

“Purpose”, “Eye-Opening”, “Mind Blowing”, “Life Changing” and “Magical”.

These quotes are just a hint of the impact Camp Hollywood HEART has had on so many people involved. From beach day and culinary competitions, to visits from Hollywood screenwriters, every visitor, volunteer and staff member facilitated campers abilities to learn brand new skills sets; every member of this week was utterly invaluable!

**Don’t forget to head over to The Malibu Times to see the article written all about our fabulous week!**