Would You Like A Side of Volun-tourism With Your Vacation?

June 13, 2016 | | Categories: All Posts

As the balmy nights are increasing we are reminded that summer is here and Camp Hollywood HEART is around the corner! I thought in this blog entry I would tell you about the new way to vacation while also highlighting the lifeblood of our camp-volunteers.

To be a volunteer can mean anything from working with a local charity, a group we feel some affiliation with, or even, ‘Voluntourism’. You may not be familiar with this term, but have you ever had a friend that perhaps ventured to foreign lands to not just, “find themselves” but also to help others? Well that, dear reader, is Voluntourism.

As summer vacations are on everyone’s minds, there are people that are opting to spend their holiday time on activities helping others, ranging from building houses for Habitat for Humanity to cleaning river beds. GlobeAware which organizes nonprofit service vacations, says that registrants have increased 33 percent since 2000. So that made me wonder, if anyone was going to dedicate their vacation time to volunteering for a good cause-where could be more idyllic than Malibu, California! I think you can see where I’m going with this…

In what capacity are YOU comfortable with volunteering? How much can you give? Camp Hollywood HEART simply could not function without the incredible talents, selflessness, and dedication of our volunteers and if you were privy to our Wednesday newsletter (if not, sign up HERE) we reminded you we still need you!

Don’t panic, we realize not everyone can give the same amount of time or talents. Not everyone can teach a watercolor workshop (I can’t even color within the lines), not just anyone can describe the intricacies of filmmaking to a group of young adults-BUT every single one of you reading this can give something!

This week our newsletter broke it down into 3 Ways You Can Volunteer

Number 1-Gala Day Volunteer: August 20th 2pm-5:30pm or 5:30pm-10pm

What’s Involved? Setting up, cleaning up, and cheering our campers on as they showcase their work at the highlight of the week- The Gala. Through this culminating performance, we empower our participants to showcase their creativity and artistic vision developed in their week-long art classes.

Number 2-Art Choice Leader: August 16th, 17th or 18th 6pm-8pm

What’s Involved? If you’re an expert in a particular art field and have a passion for sharing your talents through an interactive project with our campers, be an Art Choice volunteer! From photographers to dancers, writers to clowns, artists to chefs and lots, lots more– join us to inspire our campers through a one hour workshop.

Number 3-Overnight Volunteer August 14th-August 21st

What’s Involved? Join the Camp Hollywood HEART family and stay with us overnight the whole week of camp. You will help make Special Performance Night oh so special, set-up a spectacular party for Dance Night, enjoy some sunshine at Beach Day, deliver snacks during Movie Night, and more! Have the biggest impact and join us for an inspirational week in Malibu.

So what do you think? Are you 12, or 3?

It doesn’t matter where you live, whether this would be for a few hours on one day, or a week-long voluntourism trip-you are making a hugely positive impact on the lives of our campers. When you volunteer your time to help others the rewards run both ways, you are creating positive impacts and experiences, raising self-esteem and highlighting personal development.

Oh, and just for a little more inspiration-have you ever watched a sunset by a cliff’s edge in Malibu? ; )

For more info on volunteering at Camp Hollywood HEART: CampHollywoodHeart@gmail.com