It all started 22 years ago...

It was 1995, at the height of the AIDS epidemic. This disease was affecting our country in profound ways. Hollywood HEART was founded to provide a small modicum of relief for families at the heart of the HIV crisis. For one week during the summer, children whose lives were impacted by HIV/AIDS were invited to attend a week-long summer camp cost-free to their families.

Whether through a direct diagnosis or a diagnosis in the family, Hollywood HEART campers came from across the country to the hills of Malibu for a week of intensive, educational, and inspirational artistic experience to a community of supporters who are invited to visit the breathtaking campus in Malibu.

Ten years ago, Camp Hollywood HEART transitioned to focus on the arts, specifically seven disciplines: Creative Writing, Acting, Culinary, Documentary Filmmaking, Fashion, Music, and Visual Arts. For the past decade, camp has culminated in a performance Gala, empowering our young artists to showcase their creativity and artistic expression.


Now, over two decades later, Hollywood HEART has expanded the reach of its groundbreaking arts education. Through collaboration with the Los Angeles Unified School District and other shared-values partner organizations, Hollywood HEART offers year-round arts education workshops and programming.

Beyond our seven core disciplines, we’ve created workshops featuring: Therapy, Voiceover, Screenwriting, Dance (Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary), Make-Up, Singing & Freestyle, Floral Art, Henna, Gymnastics, Yoga, Dry-Print, Guitar, Digital Cinema and Video Editing, and Tie Dye.

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